16.11.19 – 28.01.20

The Significant Other

do you see the stone grow?

like liquid rock, roaming freely

unbounded, smooth, super fluid

spills and bleed spells


lacking definite form, unorganized body

undecided stratification

moving hillsides

secretive forms appear

interlaced, in dissolve, inter-being

the significant other

The Significant Other portrays a phenomenological landscape, a landscape in dissolve. The images depict a cultivated, yet natural scenery, made in such a manner as to appear alien and supernatural, as from another world. A landscape which is everywhere, it moves, evolves, transforms, as a state and then a movement. The images are accompanied by text and drawings, written and drawn with a solution, which will cause the images to slowly and gradually crystallize and dissolve.

Kim Laybourn is a Danish artist, he holds a BA and an MA degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, NO. He is currently a grant recipient at the one year FKDS and Kunstnernes Hus studio programme in Oslo, NO. Laybourn works in a wide range of media spanning from installation, sculpture, sound, music, text to photography, print, animation, CGI and video.

Recent and upcoming exhibitions include: PODIUM, Oslo, NO, Studio 17, Stavanger, NO, Sol, Nexø, DK, K4, Oslo, NO, Akademirommet, Oslo, NO, Gallery CC, Malmö, SE, Struktura, Time / The Wrong Biennale 2019/2020, Plural Plur, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, NO and Ta·da at Supermarket Art Fair 2019, Stockholm, SE.